Our Solutions

We provide digital solutions that ensures your digital asset saftey and management.

Manage Your Digital Asset in a Glance

From token storage to encryption key storage and recovery, MarS is a is a simple and free crypto wallet for digital assets storage. Manage all ERC-20 compatible tokens at once including Bitcion, Ethereum, Bitcion cash, and Trustverse.

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One Security for all Digital Asset .

MasterKey is a one-stop security protection service

for all digital account and wallet. 

Protect your wallet by storing mnemonic key.

Masterkey supports all types of wallet that requires mnenmonic keys.


Trust based Marketplace

Canvas is a virtual auction platform based on blockchain technology. We tokenize the market contractions of high-value added items such as luxury watches, art , and music IP, making a transperant and trust-based marketplace. Canvas also provides digital authentication service which can prove that the item is genuine and enables digital owership of the certain item. 

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