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All in one Digital Asset Solution

Shaping Digital Finance

 TrustVerse offers institutional solutions and services for the digital asset class and wealth management. Our mission is to disrupt and transform traditional finance into digitized and decentralized finance. Solving Information asymmetry & efficiency are key objectives of TrustVerse using both distributed ledger and AI.

 Shaping digital finance and managing world tangible and intangible assets with various solutions. Private key recovery service, wallet for digital asset and CBDC, digital inheritance, special asset authentication and auction platform as service. TrustVerse is an official partner with Samsung Blockchain, R3, KOSCOM and UNESCO to implement and provide applications. TrustVerse is R3’s Tier-1 member for the CBDC committee.


Our Services

Mars is a simple and free crypto wallet for digital assets storage. Manage all ERC-20 compatible tokens at once including Bitcion, Ethereum, Bitcion cash, and Trustverse.


MasterKey is a digital asset protection and recovery service designed to provide assurance of digital asset protection.

Canvas is an item trading/bidding marketplace based on blockchain technology. Blockchain's NFT technology enables safe and free item trading.

Canvas digital certification is a system to guarantee the authenticity of high-end items. Secured by blockchain, the product information is certified and all certified items can be updated in Canvas NFT marketplace.


Canvas Certificate.

MarS Wallet.


Jupiter is an DApp service that analyzes and predicts the digital asset market. It predicts the outlook of the cryptocurrency market and provides it in the form of a daily report.


Pluto, our Digital Wealth Management Solution DApp is a blockchain platform innovated to provide stability to users and their beneficiaries with proper inheritance services.


Digifinance is in Tier-1 Standardization Working Group of R3 CBDC and participated in overall technology, impact, and policy groups.

Digifincance has invested and corporates in defi solution Ditti(Opulous) digital music IP platform. Oplulous is the world's first decentralized financial service for digital assets for artists Investment and DeFi solution collaboration


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